Longing and Forgetting

Video characters inhabit the west wall of Chuck Bailey, climbing the wall, sitting on window ledges, and looking out towards the passing SkyTrain in Matthew Gingold, Thecla Schiphorst, and Philippe Pasquier’s new artwork. – See more at: http://www.surrey.ca/culture-recreation/14522.aspx#sthash.JFmYuXtz.dpuf

Longing and Forgetting is an outcome of research that explores how movement can be used more expressively and intelligently within interactive technologies.

The artists gratefully acknowledge the support of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (Moving Stories and Mobile Presence), CANARIE (m+m: movement + meaning middleware), and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council.

– See more at: http://www.surrey.ca/culture-recreation/14522.aspx#sthash.JFmYuXtz.dpuf

EmViz: Expressing Movement Qualities

FlowFlow was an improvised dance performance at the User in Flux workshop at the 2011 ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. Movement qualities are extracted in real time from the performer’s body using EffortDetect. EffortDetect is a real-time machine-learning system that applies Laban Movement Analysis, a rigorous framework for analyzing the human movement, to extract movement qualities from a moving body in the form of Laban Basic Efforts. It produces a dynamic stream of Laban Basic Effort qualities in real time. We extended the use of EffortDetect by designing a visualization system that uses movement quality parameters to generate an abstract visualization for use in dance performance. [Program PDF]


Subyen, P., Maranan, D., Carlson, K., Schiphorst, T., Pasquier, P. ‘Flow: Expressing Movement Quality’, CHI 2011 Workshop: The user in flux: bringing HCI and digital arts together to interrogate shifting roles in interactive media, Vancouver, BC, Canada, May 2011.

Typographic Entanglement


We explore an interdisciplinary collaborative process through the lenses of Situated Actions and Distributed Cognition. These frameworks are adapted from the field of Human Computer Interaction to illuminate components of the decision making process. We approach this study through Participatory Autoethnographic methods by recounting a recent collaboration on an interactive dance performance project. We reflect on actions taken in order to explore how the distribution of cognition and modes of communication affect the authority guiding the project. We present collaboration as actions take from knowledge situated in the communal content developed by the team. By exploring this process in a performance-as-research context, signifiers emerge that help us to understand the role of authority in the decision making process.

Carlson, K., Corness, G., Schiphorst, T.,(2010)  Plan, Action, Collaboration: Reflecting on an Interdisciplinary Collaborative Process, Proceedings from The Embodiment of Authority Conference, Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, Finland, September 10-12, 2010. http://www.siba.fi/web/embodimentofauthority/proceedings



Distancing is an installation by Erin Ashenhurst and Kristin Carlson that plays with the themes of memory and narrative. To remember is to give meaning to personal experience. Over time, the nature of memories change as they fall subject to the filter of perspective, new information, and the process of forgetting. Photographs become documentation, creating a sense that the details of an experience are fixed and knowable.

In Distancing (2009), the viewer is presented with the projection of an image that could be read as a family photograph. By entering into close proximity with the projection, the viewer triggers the animation of the image and becomes a participant in the installation. As the image reveals itself to be a video, subtle changes in content begin to occur. Expressions fade and shift, forcing the participant to rebuild any speculative narrative they’ve developed to explain the visual content. By changing their distance from the screen, the participant can move through the series of images, exploring alternate truths and constructions.