Illinois State University

I am an Assistant Professor of Arts Technology at Illinois State University. Here I teach programming (Processing, HTML, CSS, P5JS, Unreal), interactive installations, motion graphics, game design and graduate seminars in Issues in Aesthetics in Art and Design.


I am interested in providing students with a theoretical and historical background for developing and implementing their projects, while also providing strong and compelling examples and technical skills. Practice based skills provide the opportunity to experience concepts in action, first-hand, while theoretical knowledge helps guide a student’s critical reflection. Exposure to examples further refines the reflective process and provides context to their own work within a discipline. I have had success applying this approach with several art and design research projects from students in my courses.



In the past I was a Sessional Instructor and Teaching Assistant at the School of Interactive Art and Technology (SIAT) at Simon Fraser University throughout my Masters and Doctoral research. These positions have allowed me to guide and support a variety of courses in Interactive Art + Performance, Collaboration and Communication in Design, Human-Computer Interaction and Visual Media Design.


Simon Fraser University

Course Title: Design Communication and Collaboration (IAT103W), Sessional Instructor

Course Description: Teaches essential skills for negotiating first-year course work successfully. Covers the principles, practice and understanding of effective communication, research, critical thinking, and teamwork with a focus on issues central to the practice of Interactive Art & Technology as a profession. Presents opportunities to practice and develop interpersonal skills and make that expertise transferable to the workplace. This is a first-year course.

Example of Student Writing: StudentExample1


Course Title: Digital Image Design (IAT100), Teaching Assistant

Course Description: This is a project-based course that introduces the theory and hands-on practice of art and design in digital media. As the introductory course in IAT, this course teaches the core fundamental principles in 2D visual design, sequential and animation design. Students learn the fundamentals of digital photography and vector image creation. The theory is contextualized in contemporary new media design practice and is broadly applicable across disciplines. This is a first-year course.

Examples of Student Work:

‘For the Love of a Soldier’ Interactive Flash Story: http://www.sfu.ca/~mteboekh/loveofasoldier.swf

‘Friendship” Interactive Flash Story: http://www.sfu.ca/~jha71/iat100/project3/Friendship.swf


Course Title: Capstone Design Studio (IAT403/405), Teaching Assistant

Course Description: A final project-based course focused on the development and evaluation of a media, design or informatics project. The actual projects vary from year to year and relate to current social and technological issues in society as well as students’ interests and affinities. Design methods used will vary with project type. Covers the spectrum of the production process from problem definition to prototype. This is a fourth-year course.

Examples of Student Work:

Skry Game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61wxjzcX3OA

Moot Browser Extension: http://andrew-ou9.wix.com/moot

Posa Posture Feedback: http://davvivi.wix.com/posa-capstone

REST Sensory Deprivation Tent: http://cargocollective.com/rest



Course Title: Capstone Performance Studio (IAT833/405), Teaching Assistant

Course Description: Explores the theory and practice of performance and technology in the context of interactive-art. Investigates interactive performance as an emerging practice-based area of research. Grounds performance practice in a variety of fields including: human computer interaction, phenomenology, artificial intelligence, embodied cognition and computation, computer games, and virtual worlds. Both a graduate and fourth-year undergraduate course.

Examples of Student Work:

Mabel’s Corridor: http://youtu.be/IcZnsMfnuvE

Flow Interactive Video: http://youtu.be/7KWScm0VDYA



Course Title: New Media Images (IAT202), Teaching Assistant

Course Description: Explores the computational nature of technology as applied to contemporary art and design. It is a studio-based, media production course that explores new forms of art and design that are mediated by or modeled after computing processes as opposed to transforming or digitizing existing forms. This is a second-year course.


Course Title: Interactive Arts (IAT222), Teaching Assistant

Course Description: Introduces key concepts within contemporary digital art practices. Issues surrounding digital art will be explored through readings, the study of artworks, and the creation of their own artistic projects. This is a second-year course.



Course Title: History of Dance: From the 20th Century to the Present (FPA227), Teaching Assistant

Course Description: Study of the development of modern dance and the reformation of the ballet from the beginning of the 20th century to the present. Emphasis will be placed on seminal dance artists and the impact their work has had upon the art form in western theatre dance. This is a second-year course.

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