Illinois State University

Associate Professor

  • Design Thinking for Student Success (Graduate): Spring 2022
  • Web Video: Fall 2020, 2021
  • Web Design (HTML/CSS): Spring 2016/17, Fall 2016-19
  • Coding for Creatives (Processing/Java): Fall 2015, Spring 2017
  • Game Design: Fall 2021, Spring 2022
  • Game Development (Unreal + Unity Engines): Fall 2015, Spring 2019
  • Interactive Installations: Spring 2016, 2018
  • Usability Research and User Experience: Fall 2017, 19-20, Spring 2019
  • Motion Graphics (After Effects + Animation): Fall 2016, Spring 2019
  • Design + Culture in Creative Technologies: Spring 2020
  • Designing Meaningful, Immersive Experiences: Spring 2020
  • Design and Aesthetic Issues in the Arts (Graduate): Fall 2015-16, 2018
  • Creative Technologies for Senior Citizens (Graduate): Spring 2020
  • Independent Study: Fall+Spring 2015-20
  • Graduate Thesis Supervisor for Zachary Buckley: 2018-2020

Simon Fraser University

     Sessional Instructor

  • Design Communication and Collaboration: Summer 2012-13

I am interested in providing students with a theoretical and historical background for developing and implementing their projects, while also providing strong and compelling examples and technical skills. Practice based skills provide the opportunity to experience concepts in action, first-hand, while theoretical knowledge helps guide a student’s critical reflection. Exposure to examples further refines the reflective process and provides context to their own work within a discipline. I have had success applying this approach with several art and design research projects from students in my courses.



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