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Caesar by Illinois Shakespeare Festival

Adapted and directed by Quetta Carpenter, Caesar is a contemporary take on the tragedy. Carpenter has bee n as a recurring face on the ISF stage, appearing in both the 2015 and 2018 season. Julius Caesar’s days are numbered in this media-saturated, modern take on Shakespeare’s classic tragedy. With Caesar’s assassins in one camp and the inheritors of his authority on the other, political warfare consumes Rome—fought through social media and the 24-hour news cycle. Who will survive in the end, and will they still be themselves?

Directed by Quetta Carpenter
Lighting Design Julie Mack
Costume Design Kathryn Rohe
Set Design John Stark
Projection Design Kristin Carlson
Sound Design Tony Reimer

Illinois Shakespeare Festival announces world premiere adaptations for 2019 season


Choreography presented in the Spring Dance Theatre Concert at Illinois State University in 2018. strokeWeight(); is a piece of code for changing the weight of a line. This choreographic work explored the interaction between live dancers and a media agent as generative visuals that moved around the stage. Movement content was developed with the software Cochoreo and idanceForms. An ICue actuated mirror was used to move the projection around the stage.

Wind, Water, Mountain

“Wind, Water, Mountain” is a collaboration with Alice Lee in Graphic Design to develop this interactive installation for the ISU Faculty Biennial. We tracked hand gestures to trigger a series of animated letterforms and videos that illustrate korean letterforms and highlight a sense of place, home, and ancestry. Content was projected under a clear box filled with water, to give a tangible sense of interaction.

Waft, Whip, Whirl

Choreography presented in the Spring Dance Theatre Concert at Illinois State University in 2017. This work explores the use of patterns and phasing and incorporated a generative sound score by Greg Corness. It was developed using Cochoreo and idanceForms software in the rehearsal process.

Presence in a Box: Crossing Liminal Spaces

Scores + Traces: Exposing the Body Through Computation, Exhibition at One Art Space, NYC, NY, 2016

Shannon Cuykendall, Kristin Carlson, prOphecy sun, Greg Corness

This work explored how to share a sense of space across environments. “Presence in a Box” is an interactive public performance work where two performers and the audience can transfer the experience of presence between three spaces. In the live performance of PIAB, performers Shannon Cuykendall and Prophecy Sun meld three spaces: the gallery space (a large space) and two small boxes (two small spaces). Within these spaces there are multiple events occurring: a live sound score in the gallery space, a performer is drawing patterns on an iPad while inside a small box, and an identical second box is on the other side of the gallery. In the second box, there is an iPad depicting a first-person camera perspective of the performer’s previous actions in the first box.

 Space-Displaced: An Exploration of the Architecture of Spatial Data in Separate Spaces

 Virtual Venues: Presence & (in)Corporeality Workshop with UCIrvine

Shannon Cuykendall (SIAT), , Kristin Carlson (SIAT), prOphecy sun (Emily Carr), Ulysses Bernardet (SIAT), Reese Muntean (SIAT), Jillian Warren (SIAT), Blair Brown (UCI), John Crawford (UCI), Thecla Schiphorst (SIAT), Steve DiPaola (SIAT), H+Technologies

vv1  vv3 vv4

In the Space-Displaced workshop and open rehearsal we will explore how spatial data can be translated and transferred to separate spaces.  We will link four spaces together: the Emily Carr Performance Space, UC Irvine Performance Space, Emily Carr Elevator, and the UC Irvine Elevator.  We will gather data on the performers’ spatial pathway through blob tracking in a program created by Kristin Carlson.  This program will output the spatial data as sounds and images with Ulysses Bernardet and prOphecy sun.  The elevator, being one of the first “teleportation” devices, motivates the spatial pathways of the dancers in the performance space and the overall spatial architecture of the work between the four spaces.  We contrast three different types of transport: pedestrian, mechanical, and virtual.  Throughout the open rehearsal we will lead or “transport” audience members to the elevator creating a “pedestrian” equivalent of the elevator. Audience members will also be mechanically transported to different floors of the Emily Carr building while being virtually transported to UC Irvine through a live video feed inside the elevator.

Longing and Forgetting
Matthew Gingold, Thecla Schiphorst, Philippe Pasquier
Associate Producer
Surrey, British Columbia 2013-2014

Mabel’s Corridor


SIAT and SCA Performance + Technology Collaboration

Concept and Performer, A generative video and dance performance that takes place in the shifting realities of Mabel’s experience

Fall 2011-Spring 2012

Flow: A Capstone Project

IAT 403 Capstone Design Class project exploring interactive ink effects in performance.

Choreographer and Performer May 2011

Flow: Expressing Movement Quality

CHI 2011 Workshop Performance: The user in flux: bringing HCI and digital arts together to interrogate shifting roles in interactive media

Choreographer and Performer 

May 2011

Light Strings

Performer, Concept by Jinsil Seo, Sound by Greg Corness, Documentation by Mark Cheng, Spring 2011


This project explores the relationship between the aesthetics of the interaction afforded by an immersive environment and its relation to the immersive experience of the user.

light3 light11 light4

‘Flow’ and ‘Strings’

SIAT OpenHouse, Simon Fraser University, British Columbia

Choreographer and Performer, Spring 2011

Performance utilizing interactive media environments to inform improvisational decision-making

The Illusion of Togetherness

Surrey Art Gallery, British Columbia

Concept and Performer, Fall 2010

Performance installation exploring the audience- performer connection

Typographic Dance Project  

Simon Fraser University, British Columbia

Research Assistant, 2009 – 2010

Choreographer in the development of interactive performance


‘Snow White and the Seven Chihuahuas’, ‘Noir Night’, ‘Misflight’, ‘Murder 2.0’   

Upstage, Online Performance Venue,

Director and/ or Performer  2007 – 2010


AUNTS is Dance, New York

Performer 2007

Duet choreographed by Chih Chun Huang

aunts1 aunts2 aunts3


Late Night Choreographers, Auckland, New Zealand

Choreographer and Performer,  2006

Solo live performance and Dance for the Camera

flish2 copyflish3 copyflish1 copy


Site specific collaboration between Kristin Carlson, Chloe Juyon and Benjamin Cleaver

Corner of Quay & Albert Streets, Auckland, New Zealand, March 2007


Solo live performance & Dance for the Camera

Choreography/ performance by Kristin Carlson, Videography by Jared Tito

Late Night Choreographers, Auckland NZ February 16 and 17 2006

A New Perception

LED restrictive dance costumes designed by Bambi Fadhli, modelled by Kristin Carlson

Swarovski Conference/ Auckland School of Technology, Auckland, NZ December 2005/2006

bambi copy

Public Transport   

Britomart Performance Series, Auckland, New Zealand

Performer 2005

Site-specific performance choreographed by Marianne Schultz
Public Transport

PublicTransport Schultz

‘Tweep’ and Other Works

Underground Art Gallery, Rockford, Illinois  USA

Choreographer and Performer

by Kristin Carlson collaborating with visual artist Roni Golan August 2005

Day for Night

Improvised performance

OpenSource Art Gallery, Champaign, Illinois  USA

Performer and Filmmaker

Based on the Dance for the Camera by Kristin Carlson June 2005

Limited Acts: Breaking Rules in Small Spaces

Works by Kristin Carlson, Jessica Ray and Luc Vanier Including “Frog” Multimedia work performed by Kristin Carlson

Verde Art Gallery, Champaign Illinois USA December 2004

‘Bob’s Palace’ & ‘Dreaming Meat’

BobsPalace-04a copy

Technical Director, Choreography by Luc Vanier

KCPA, Urbana, IL 2003/2004

Live motion capture setup onstage using proximity sensors to trigger video and sound on many levels.  Performances used multiple scrims for layered video effect, a video mixer to combine sensor-triggered avatars, videos shot through mirrors and green screen, as well as midi controlled instruments played onstage.

North Star

Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, UIUC

Performer 2004

Work by Lar Lubavitch


Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, UIUC

Performer 2003

Work by  Mark Morris

Bring Me an Ice Bucket

Armory Theater, UIUC

Producer, Choreographer, Performer, Lighting Designer, Technical Director 2003

Collaboration with Katie Engbring, Claire Happel and Melissa Sanchez