Computational Poetics Session 2 Using DanceForms and the Integrate System

Session #2:

Shifting gears between computation and embodied exploration is difficult, mainly because computation affords the ability to generate, edit or change any idea later on. This can be both useful and dangerous: it makes it easier to spit out creative ideas now, but more difficult to put deep thought and evaluation into them in the moment.

Technical issues also take a lot of time away from embodied exploration and compositional development.

** The use of memory in composition is strong, and supported by computation. It has been interesting to ‘follow’ my own video of movement from a few weeks ago and view it as a remnant of myself rather than my current self. It almost makes me play the ‘dancer’ to my former choreographer self because I don’t have the same memory of the movement. So in a way, I am already putting in the artificial intelligence experience that I would hope the computer system could someday have by just re-learning my own material in a new way.

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