Computational Poetics Session 1 Using Scuddle

Session #1:

Movement feels sharp and angular yet tentative and about reaching out as far as possible away from my weight/ base.
Fight or flight and testing
I want to get really squirmy and circular
This feels very geometrically correct/ ballet anatomy and is relying on turn out and forced opening/ arching.
Explore reaching and distance- always comes back to internal twitches
Trying to figure out wedge and split – deep 5th pile with arms twisting to push up and down and over

Computational Poetics Session 5 Explorations Between System and Choreographer

Documenting choreographic process that explores computational systems as a collaborator in the creative process.

Preparation for Class Final Presentation:

  • High level effects for movement performance/ decisions – in lifeforms
  • Add ‘ghost’ or ball to illustrate weight in an avatar?
  • How to explore materials with dance – forming materials onstage in situ?

Mainly I am exploring how to get away from body shape and more into structural decisions/ effects on top of the body shapes.
Sometimes its necessary to just choose a direction/ decision, act on it and then re-analyze and tweak it later. Scuddle seemed like a good balance of information for movement inspiration for a body layer.

Can I find a similar way of looking at structure/ further away from body?

How to provide the right inspiration throughout the process at the right times?