MovingStories Partnership: Digital Tools for Movement, Meaning and Interaction


MovingStories is an interdisciplinary, collaborative research partnership leading to the design and application of more richly articulated human movement knowledge within digital technology interaction. The research institutional partners include Simon Fraser University (SFU), The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), The Laban Institute of Movement Studies in New York (LIMS), Emily Carr University of Art and Design (ECUAD), The University of British Columbia Theater Department (UBC) and Credo Interactive.This partnership focuses on designing digital tools for movement, meaning and interaction investigated through the intersection of three unique domains: laban movement analysis, digital interaction technologies, and social and cultural applications and outcomes. MovingStories supports an innovative and interdisciplinary approach to redesigning digital technologies based on overlapping yet differentiated epistemological approaches to understanding movement.

 Within MovingStories I am involved in a variety of projects including:

  • Defining, Developing and Validating Movement Frameworks for Research Directions
  • Exploring New Approaches to Methodologies for Experiential and Movement Data
  • Creating and Collaborating on Design Criteria for Digital Technologies Relating to Movement
  • Developing and Executing Studies to Test Technology Design
  • Strategic Planning for Research Design and Implementation
  • Administrative Duties such as Grantwriting, Budgeting, Ethics Acquision, HR and Production Management
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  • Carlson, K., Schiphorst, T., Cochrane, S., Philips, J., Tsang, H., Calvert, T. (2015), ‘Moving By Seeing: Camera Keyframing to Sketch Creative Movement’, Conference Paper. Submitted, In Review.
  • Fdili Alaoui, S., Schiphorst, T., Cuykendall, S., Carlson, K., Bradley, K ., Studd, K. (2015), ‘Strategies for Embodied Design: The Value and Challenges of Observing Movement’, Conference Paper. Submitted, In Review.
  • Fdili Alaoui, S., Carlson, K., Schiphorst, T. (2014) ‘Technological Application for Assisting Choreography: A Historical Perspective’, In Proceedings of MOCO 2014, 1st International Workshop on Movement and Computing. Paris, France. ACM Press. 8 Pages.
  • Schiphorst, T., Bradley, K., Studd, K., Carlson, K. (2013) ‘Movement Archeologies: Digging for Meaning in New Landscapes of Movement Data’. Conference on Corporeal Computing: A Performative Archeology of Digital Gesture, IAS (Institute of Advanced Studies), University of Surrey, UK. 8 pages.



Carlson, K., Schiphorst, T. (2014) Mobile Computing as a Lens for Choreographic Perspective: Embodied, Experiential, Expressive. Embodied Artful Practices Symposium, Canadian Society for Dance Studies, Vancouver, BC.

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