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This research aims to articulate how touch screen interaction on tablet computers and mobile devices affects the functionality of playing animation files while encouraging innovative interactions with physical space. iDanceForms is an application designed to playback animation files on tablet computers and mobile devices. iDanceForms is a development of the DanceForms software, a full animation package geared towards professional choreographers. The development of the software for mobile devices enables user’s to access intuitive touch screen-based interaction, to explore interface design for complex animation procedures and to engage with physical space through technology.

By focusing on technical knowledge within the domains of movement expertise and technological design, we aim to provide insight to experience design, and the ameliorative properties of movement experience within digital technology design. Exploring somatic awareness as an additional means of representing and communicating information has the potential to provide innovative solutions to this changing technological landscape.

This software inspires you to visualize dance steps, entire routines or other animations in an easy-to-use 3D environment. For choreography, interdisciplinary arts, dance and animation technology applications.

A number of example animations in lfa (Danceforms), Collada and bvh (motion capture) formats are provided with the iDanceForms App. To find additional animation files you can (a) create your own using the full Mac or Windows DanceForms program from Credo Interactive (; (b) access and download motion clips from the animation and mocap libraries available on the Credo Interactive website; or (c) access other animation and mocap clips at a number of sites on the web (e.g. Carnegie-Mellon University



Carlson, K., Schiphorst, T., Cochrane, S., Philips, J., Tsang, H., Calvert, T. (2015), ‘Moving By Seeing: Camera Keyframing to Sketch Creative Movement’, Conference Publication. Submitted, In Review.



Carlson, K., Schiphorst, T. (2014) Mobile Computing as a Lens for Choreographic Perspective: Embodied, Experiential, Expressive. Embodied Artful Practices Symposium, Canadian Society for Dance Studies, Vancouver, BC.

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