PhD Directions | Sketching Creativity Support Tools for Choreography




MovingStories Partnership: Digital Tools for Movement, Meaning and Interaction




idanceformsiDanceForms | Choreographic Editing for Mobile Devices





iccc2013TEvolver | Evolutionary System for Creative Design




CP Session 5.Still001Computational Poetics | Lo-fi Prototype Evaluation of Computational Tools as Choreographic Collaborators




kconstraintScuddle | Generating Movement Catalysts for Choreographic Creativity


viz2ActionPlot | A Visualization Tool for Contemporary Dance Analysis




2ndtoFinalMCSETMabel’s Corridor | Performance Exploring Dementia as a Mind Maze Performance




intangibleneonfrontFleeing From Darkness | An Interactive Application for Understanding Embodied Knowledge as Intangible Heritage in Neon Sign Craftsmanship



illusionIllusion of Togetherness | Kinaesthetic Empathy in Audience Connection to Performer



Scuddle related comparisonSurvey of AI Techniques for Learning Movement Habits | Information Gathered to Explore Machine Learning Possibilities on Motion Capture Data


typeTypographic Entanglement | Type as a Kinetic Character in Performance





distancing_final2-960x400Distancing | Memory Video Installation



FLow2Flow | EMVIZ Interactive Graphics System